Listen to your body!

Myth is that you have to train for a specific training program for 3 months and then change it. I think it’s the other way around, listen to your body, do whatever exercises you are doing in a workout, of course, consistent with the muscle group you are training on that day. (more…)

The balance line

If you are wondering how to follow all the steps to a perfect shape, imagine that you are walking on a rope. In this case, in order not to fall, the most important thing is the balance. So is the training.
We start with the first workouts, the first entry into the hall for the first time or figuratively speaking, the climbing of the rope. It is possible to make a lot of mistakes here, so you will need someone who has previously walked along this rope and knows how to do it – an experienced coach. It will keep you as you learn yourself. (more…)