Nutrition regime

The best individual nutrition plan, created especially for you!

To know when and what to eat, get full-program expert guidance of Petar Bundakov developed specifically for you and based on:

 your lifestyle;
 your body type and physical abilities;
 the foods, you prefer;
 the goals, you want to achieve.

The meal plan includes:
   - various meals throughout the day;
   - recommended list of foods, with the correct dose of portion;
   - eating plan tailored to your taste, to eat with pleasure and get the best results;
   - recommended list of nutrition additives, if you want to use them;
   - additional instructions to your diet, plus bonus tips and recipes.

With detailed nutrition plan, that you will get, you will learn how to change your lifestyle so that you feel and look better.

 You will get a free email consultation, so that you can ask me your specific questions, that interest you.

 The order of a nutrition regime is linked to the completion of mandatory inquiry form! Please fill out a detailed questionnaire form below. To get your ideal nutrition plan, be as accurate as you can in your responses.


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