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We offer a variety of fitness services for your perfect figure, sporty and healthy lifestyle! Personal fitness training, individual training programs and nutrition regimes, full packages. Original sports goods!

bsportbutton3 Nutrition regime
34 $ 23 $

Choose your Nutrition regime, created especially for you.


bsportbutton54 Training program
28 $ 23 $

Choose a training program, developed especially for you.


bsportbutton53 Full package
44 $ 33 $

Full package, includes Training program and Nutrition regime.


Food additives Power Food

If you are looking for quality and guarantee good results, choose PowerFood supplements. Order via Bundakov Sport and you will have discounts on all PowerFood products and package deals.
This is a brand of food additives, prepared by a number of Bulgarian contestants and champions, including me!
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Anyone who has dared to dream and continue despite all, knows the cost of ambition is salty. It is because nothing is easy to achieve because you have to be ready for sacrifice. When you have ambition and pursue your dreams, you actually listen to your heart. It gives you strength, because you will definitely need it through the difficult road. It must include: (more…)

Born champion

Do you believe in fate? Do you believe that everyone has a purpose in this life and that there are no casual things ...? I believe that a person has a definite path that is prescribed by his birth and depends only on him, whether he will have the courage to follow him and the will to walk it! I believe in the born champions! (more…)

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Let's admit, that sport in its true form has long vanished, that is, to beat the athlete who is more talented and has trained more ... From time to time the sport is tied to doping and the TV talk, since that day, the two-time world champion in the super-category Nikolay Valuyev has made me bristle:
"Most Olympic medalists in Rio have a medical note that they are sick and have to be treated with anabolic steroids! Those who do not have such a note are violators of the rules!" (more…)

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About me

Petar Bundakov - personal trainer and consultant on nutrition regimes and fitness programs


My name is Petar Bundakov - certified instructor "Bodybuilding and fitness bodybuilding" at NSA "Vasil Levski" and licensed instructor to Bulgarian Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness. I'm specialist on nutrition regimes and training programs to achieve high results with clients of the gym. I'm using fully implement and modern methods of training process, nutrition, types of preparations and nutrition supplements on the market.
I practice fitness from the year 2008 and box from the year 2010. I trained separately athletics (cross running) two years and basketball two years.
I have experience as a personal trainer in the fitness center “Leader 72”, fitness club "Avangard", Fitness and Spa Zeus, Pulse Fitness & Spa PLATINUM and West-GYM fitness center and shop.

Contact me:

  •   1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

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