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My personal opinion about anabolic steroids and tournaments...!!!

Let's admit, that sport in its true form has long vanished, that is, to beat the athlete who is more talented and has trained more ... From time to time the sport is tied to doping and the TV talk, since that day, the two-time world champion in the super-category Nikolay Valuyev has made me bristle:
"Most Olympic medalists in Rio have a medical note that they are sick and have to be treated with anabolic steroids! Those who do not have such a note are violators of the rules! "
In all sports, the doping factor is present, especially in bodybuilding. I myself trained for exactly 16 years of my life before I got to the horo to see from personal experience how to prepare a competitor in all stages of preparation.
Few are the dreamers who decide to compete without drugs with other athletes in the sport. I will not forget the statement of Theresa Marinova - a Bulgarian athlete who won the gold medal in the triple jump discipline at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games in 2000, namely:
"If you are giving a donation to the people who train at this stadium, they will not become Olympic champions because the champion is only when you give 110% of yourself every day in training!"
By this time I have decided to take the path of the fans of the sport in its pure form. Among other things, I think natural muscles are more functional and beautiful! In addition to momentary strength, we have strong stamina and explosive strength. From there we have a specifically elongated muscle form that proves its functionality. Indeed, the natural build-up of muscle mass becomes three times slower and harder, but the great goals want their time. Especially in bodybuilding you can compete while you are alive, so, young people, patience is gold. Rome has not been built for a day! Be smart and keep your health safe!


For sports ...

Surely a huge number of people do not understand me about the sport, but I want to explain what he is to me! The difference between me and the rest is precisely the meaning of this word - sport. For most people, it is a necessity to maintain good health or a means of achieving a certain vision or of their unfulfilled dreams ... For me, you can get as much as you can from sports! This happens, however, only if you are patient enough, persistent and never give up! I think it's pretty good for my character and it does not load me, on the contrary! The harder, the more I am ambitious! I think everyone can achieve everything through sport and turn their lives over! I am one of those millions of examples of people around the world who have done it ... That is why the whole meaning of the sport for me is expressed in one single word - LIFE!


Born champion

Do you believe in fate? Do you believe that everyone has a purpose in this life and that there are no casual things ...? I believe that a person has a definite path that is prescribed by his birth and depends only on him, whether he will have the courage to follow him and the will to walk it! I believe in the born champions!
Ever since early childhood it has been shown what a child is talented. Some love sport, others are more curious and studying, others appear in different arts such as painting and acting. Especially for the champions, I think they should have love for the sport from an early age. It remains for life, educating and building up a strong character that makes it possible for these children and later mature people to succeed in life and to create their own families. Besides, the feeling of provoking yourself as you constantly try to expand the boundaries of your own abilities is unique. You surprise yourself by striving to be better than yesterday, and then you say to yourself, my lady, how far can I get to ... not only on a physical level but also on a mental level. You understand how great power is human will and passion for development. I believe that the inner sense of being a champion is born, as evidenced by hundreds of great champions in various sports that in one way or another have conveyed the meaning of Mohamed Ali's words: "Champion is not going in the hall. The championship is inside the man. It's a desire, a dream, a vision."
I will give you three main motivational thoughts that I have just reached and I believe they can help every champion:
1. "Believe in yourself!" / I am born to a great champion and will be the top athlete in the world! /
2. "The sport gives you just as much as you are willing to give it!" (Not everyone does it because it does not have the right vision for itself, it does not have the necessary passion for sport and is not brave enough to pursue its dreams!
3. "Work is always rewarded!" When you have put so much effort, resources and time, you have given yourself 110% of yourself and they screw you up for side factors! When you have almost lost hope that it makes sense, then work is rewarded!

About me

Petar Bundakov - personal trainer and consultant on nutrition regimes and fitness programs


My name is Petar Bundakov - certified instructor "Bodybuilding and fitness bodybuilding" at NSA "Vasil Levski" and licensed instructor to Bulgarian Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness. I'm specialist on nutrition regimes and training programs to achieve high results with clients of the gym. I'm using fully implement and modern methods of training process, nutrition, types of preparations and nutrition supplements on the market.
I practice fitness from the year 2008 and box from the year 2010. I trained separately athletics (cross running) two years and basketball two years.
I have experience as a personal trainer in the fitness center “Leader 72”, fitness club "Avangard", Fitness and Spa Zeus, Pulse Fitness & Spa PLATINUM and West-GYM fitness center and shop.

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  •   1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

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