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Petar Bundakov - personal trainer and consultant on nutrition regimes and fitness programs


My name is Petar Bundakov - certified instructor "Bodybuilding and fitness bodybuilding" at NSA "Vasil Levski" and licensed instructor to Bulgarian Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness. I'm specialist on nutrition regimes and training programs to achieve high results with clients of the gym. I'm using fully implement and modern methods of training process, nutrition, types of preparations and nutrition supplements on the market.
I practice fitness from the year 2008 and box from the year 2010. I trained separately athletics (cross running) two years and basketball two years.
I have experience as a personal trainer in the fitness center “Leader 72”, fitness club "Avangard", Fitness and Spa Zeus, Pulse Fitness & Spa PLATINUM and West-GYM fitness center and shop.

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  •   1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

Exclusive pro! With a lot of energy and enthusiasm conduct every my workout - with pre-prepared individual program! Congratulations and keep still successfully forward!

Vilma Vasileva

Bundakov Sport client
Great person, both - professionally and personally! Dedicated to his work and the people he works with. Training sessions are always fun and most importantly, their effect is amazing.

Andrea Maneva

Bundakov Sport client
Prepared and dedicated to his work, each individual workout is consistent with the desire and the condition of the client. Nice relaxing end to the day - with visible results!

Martin Rachev

Bundakov Sport client

delobg  15.02.2017

Petar Bundakov is 26 years old, law graduate, who chose to share with the readers of dеlо.bg, what made him take off 23 kg of weight. The young man reveals his regime.
By telling the story of my life I will try to motivate you always strive for your full potential and start from today! There is no easy way to achieve the objectives! The price of ambition is high, but worth it! ...
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