Without limit

The higher the goal, the higher the adrenaline. This is the thing that keeps us alive in the true sense of the word, because human passion for development has no boundaries!

It’s all about a person’s head and psyche! Examples of the life of Kevin Levron, who, despite all the difficulties, reach the highest level of bodybuilding, make us believe that anything is possible. I think that a person knows and feels in what direction his talent is. All she has to do is listen to herself, the thirst for development and visualize it on her body. This means that you will physically go to the next level only if you are mentally prepared for it. You should not set limits in your mind. The only person who can do it is you.

“It’s important not to put any boundaries on your psyche when you want to do anything. If you indulge in bodybuilding, do not put a limit on size, strength or condition, because the moment you do it, you will nail in one place. The important thing is to progress. Even if it’s small, the main thing is to keep going and get better “- Dorian Yates