The cost of ambition

Anyone who has dared to dream and continue despite all, knows the cost of ambition is salty. It is because nothing is easy to achieve because you have to be ready for sacrifice. When you have ambition and pursue your dreams, you actually listen to your heart. It gives you strength, because you will definitely need it through the difficult road. It must include:
– late nights and early mornings;
– many acquaintances, but little friends,
– you will be lonely unless you are the few lucky people who have found a man to love and truly understand them;
– people will want you all good, but you will never want to do better with them;
For these reasons, many things have to do on your own, without help. However, true love for what you are doing will make you move forward and evolve, getting closer to your swords. For the final I can give a few tips to the people who have set out on the path of their ambition. It is these eternally misunderstood people who have made fun of pursuing their dreams:
– always take a step forward, otherwise you will stay in the same place;
– if you do not ask, the answer will always be – No;
– if you do not pursue what you want, you will never have it;