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Power Food HGH Power is a Growth Hormone Stimulator in the human body. Unique polypeptide hormone, composed of 191 different amino acids, and is essential for good muscle development.

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Product Description

HGH Power is a Stimulant of Growth Hormone in the human body.

HGH Power is a unique polypeptide hormone composed of 191 different amino acids and is essential for good muscle development.

Arginine, Ornithine, Lysine and Glutamine are amino acids that are precisely coupled and responsible for growth hormone synthesis.

HGH Power helps:

• Increasing protein synthesis

• to increase pure muscle mass by burning fat

• has an anti-catabolic effect

• maintain stable glycogen levels during exercise

HGH Power is a product that combines in the right relationship these unique amino acids that work for you in your quest to build a healthy and harmonious body.

Recommended dose: Dissolve 1-2 doses (1-2 teaspoons) in 200 ml. water.

Content in 1 dose (5 g):
• L-Ornithine – 1.8 gr
• L-Lysine – 1.0 gr
• L-Arginine Alphacetoglutarate – 1.2 gr
• L-Glutamine – 1.0 gr

Note: The product is food supplements, sports foods and should not be used as a substitute for a medicine.